Liam Neeson Bares Man Boobs on Ellen Show for Charity

Liam Neeson Man Boobs on Ellen Show

Liam Neeson climbs into the charity chair on the Ellen show for charity

Liam Neeson, 60, bared all on the Ellen show to get soaked for cancer research. The Irish A-list actor stripped down to his age related man boobs on live TV and was placed in a clear cubicle to the delight of the audience.

$10,000 went to cancer research after the gunk stunt and Liam took it all in good humor.

Liam Neeson Shows off Man Boobs

Liam gets soaked and still manages to crack a smile despite his man boobs being on show

Liam is know to be a snappy dresser and we can only hope he uses a compression shirt to hide his man boobs when he’s attending award shows and other showbiz gigs.

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