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Best Gynecomastia Shirts

Instantly Lose Man Boobs with a Shirt. Trust me, they work!

Did you know you can flatten your chest simply by wearing a simple garment?

And the best part is that no one will ever know you’re wearing one.

These are the best gynecomastia shirts to hide man boobs that we’ve ever reviewed, try one and you will be extremely impressed with the fast results.

Have you tried to lose weight only to find that your man boobs do not seem to go away as fast as you thought? Or you need fast results as you are attending an important occasion where you need to look your best?

There is an immediate answer that I have tried and swear by!

Best Reviewed Shirts
to Hide Man Boobs

Compression shirts! Yes they can actually reduce the appearance of your male breasts. The good news is there are specially designed man boob shirts out there that can make your chest look normal just by wearing them. Some manufacturers of compression wear even make undergarments for man boobs, so they reduce the signs of male breasts but still keep the rest of your body looking great. Even run of the mill compression garments that athletes wear for sports, like the ones made by UnderArmour work, just not as well as the best man boob shirts for gynecomastia, and typically the UnderArmour brand shirts are way more expensive.

I first stumbled on how well these t-shirts work when I bought a sports compression shirt for running. Well not only did the t-shirt help with my chaffing problem, my friends commented right away on how good I looked and that is when I knew I was on to something. I started to research the net for even better alternatives and found a couple of good clothing manufacturers that specifically produce gynecomastia shirts, even tank tops. The tank tops are really special because they just compress your breast area but not the areas that would show you are wearing some sort of compression device.

For your convenience we have listed the best man boob shirts that reduce a man’s breast size. Our reviews also take into account of price and quality so you’re not left wondering if you got the best deal or if you got the best quality garment.

These Shirts Hide Man Boobs

I can’t stress enough how incredible these man boob shirts work. Yes they are not a cure but they help flatten your chest until the effects of using exercise and diet changes with the help of a reduction guide or herbal reduction pills that target gynecomastia. Through the use of special exercises and the herbal supplements I have gotten rid of my man boobs but sometimes I still wear a slimming shirt because they really do make you look so much better.

Hide Man Boobs with a Shirt

We have checked out all of the best man boob shirts to reduce their appearance that are available on the market and our top picks have been chosen to give you the best results. Feedback from men who’ve used them has told us which one’s work and which one’s are not worth your money. We only list the best shirts for gynecomastia, as we know you want to waste your time on reading about a product that is a waste of money.

#1 GyneSlim™ Shirtsfrom $24.95

GyneSlim™ Gynecomastia Shirts Review


  • Rating 4.5/5 Stars.
  • Specially designed for gynecomastia sufferers
  • Hides man boobs effectively
  • Also slims belly and love handles
  • Worn under any clothing
  • Cool to wear all day
  • Made in USA


GyneSlim™ shirts are the best gynecomastia shirts that we’ve ever reviewed to hide man boobs. They are designed for gynecomastia in mind, unlike a regular sport compression shirt. Wear GyneSlim™ shirts under your normal clothing and get immediate results from the best rated shirts.

Our reviewer found that you can’t get the best results from a sports shirt compared to one that’s specially designed for gynecomatia, such as GyneSlim™. We found in our GyneSlim™ review that you’ll also look slimmer with a reduced belly and love handles. Why settle for a non-gynecomastia specific shirt that just tackles your belly and love handles when you can get the best results with GyneSlim™.

#2 CompRX™ Shirtseach $24.95

CompRX™ Shirts Review


  • Rating 4/5 Stars.
  • Good compression effect on man boobs
  • Easy to wear & lightweight
  • Made in USA
  • Worn under any clothing
  • Also available in a tank top style


CompRX™ compression shirts are our new #2 shirts for hiding man boobs. They give good overall compression in the chest and love handle area and are great value compared to the competition. Wear your CompRX™ shirt on its own or beneath your everyday clothing and they are lightweight, stay cool and fresh due to the quality material.

For a regular compression shirt we found that CompRX™ shirts offered great man boob compression compared to a slimming shirt, such as SlimT’s™, but at a better price. And for that reason we had to put this as the #2 shirt.

#3 SlimT’s Shirteach $19.95

SlimT's Slimming Shirt Review


  • Rating 3.5/5 Stars.
  • Can hide man boobs and other fat areas
  • Look 10lbs slimmer, immediately
  • Discreetly worn under any clothing
  • Cool to wear


SlimT’s™ are marketed on TV as a slimming shirt for men. We decided to order one to see if they also helped hide man boobs. Just wear these slimming shirts under your normal clothing and get immediate slimming results with reduced belly and love handles. But do they help to reduce man boobs? Find out in our SlimT’s™ review.

#4 InstaSlim™ Slimming Shirteach $19.95

ImstaSlim Compression Shirt Review


  • Rating 3/5 Stars.
  • InstaSlim™ – The #4 rated compression shirt.
  • Can help hide your man boobs
  • Flatten your stomach
  • Eliminate your love handles
  • Fits under any garment


InstaSlim™ is a leading best belly slimming shirt advertised on TV. They seem to be a well designed compression garment that helps to flatten your stomach and reduce the appearance of love handles. But do they also work for gynecomastia sufferers? We ordered one for a review to tell you if an InstaSlim™ shirt can hide man boobs.

Available in Tank Top, Crew Neck and V-Neck, be sure to read our InstaSlim™ shirt review to see why these non-gynecomastia specific t-shirts made it into our top picks.

What if man boob shirts are not for me?

Don’t know what type of man boob treatment will work for you?

Don’t forget these gynecomastia shirts will only hide man boobs, not get rid of them. If you want to know how to lose man boobs then you must choose the treatment method that best represents what you are looking for. We will recommend the best treatments available according to your preferences.

How Would You Like to Lose Them?

  • Natural Herbal Supplements: Fast, Effective and Easy (No Effort required)
  • Diet & Exercise Program (Requires Dedication and Consistency)
  • A Combination of the Above (The Most Effective Treatment Option)