Does Tiger Woods Suffer from Man Boobs?

Tiger Woods Relaxes with Man Boobs

Tiger Woods relaxes after tournament win

Life is looking better for Tiger Woods after overcoming marital strife, a dip in form and other problems, but we didn’t think man boobs was one of them. After winning The Player Championship at the weekend Tiger was spotted relaxing on his yacht in Florida on Tuesday.

Together with his kids and new love, skier Lindsey Vonn, Tiger fished and relaxed in the Florida sunshine aboard his good ship “Solitude”.

Taking the opportunity to flaunt his physique Tiger left his golf polos at home, but revealed he might have a moob problem that he’s struggling to battle with his gym workouts. Tiger’s credited with bringing a new level of physical fitness to the lardy world of the touring golf pro, but at 37 years old things might be catching up with him.

Tiger Woods Takes Cool Drink

For his sake we're hoping this isn't soy milk

Tiger was pictured taking a swig from a cool drink, which we’re hoping isn’t soy milk as it’s known to cause gynecomastia issues.

Tiger with Players Trophy

Tiger wins the biggest tournament of his comeback so far, The Player Championship

I guess this means that men everywhere can take a sigh in relief that even the best athletes in the world have the same problems that we do. Tiger normally looks ripped in his Sunday best red golf polo, as in the above pic, so we’re guessing he wears a gynecomastia shirt underneath to slim his chest and hide his problem.

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Wow nice man boobs, eldrick tiger woods!!

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