UK Man Loses Man Boobs and Finds Love

Englishman Loses Man Boobs

Ben Davis, 21, from Rochford, Essex in the UK lost his man boobs and then his virginity

A 21 year old Englishman, Ben Davis, lost his man boobs through exercise and then met his dream girl. Ben weighed 280lb and was worried he would never lose his virginity, avoiding nights out with his friends because he was ashamed of his appearance.

“My man boobs were so big I could easily have borrowed my sister’s bra to keep them up.”, said Ben, “I was so embarrassed about how I looked with my top off that I used to go swimming in a T-shirt. I didn’t want anyone to see me.”

Ben Davis- Man Boobs

Ben was happy to see the back of his man boobs

Like many men who suffer from this embarrassing problem Ben avoided social situations, dating, and any activity where he might need to take off his shirt. He decided to hit the gym and start an exercise program to lose weight and target his chest fat.

After several months the weight started to come off, giving him new found confidence with the ladies. Shortly after he met his sweetheart at a party.

If you’re losing weight through exercise or thinking about it you might also want to invest in some quality gynecomastia shirts which will help hide your man boobs until your gym work does its job.

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