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Gangnam Style Man Boobs

Gangnam Style is a single released by South Korean rapper Psy. It has taken the world by storm after this music video was promoted on social media platforms by the likes of Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Tom Cruise and Robbie Williams. The song’s dance moves, kinda like riding a horse, have been performed by politicians…more »

Mick Hucknall Needs Compression Shirt to Hide Man Boobs

Mick Hucknall’s Man Boobs Regret not Wearing a Compression Shirt

Mick Hucknall is known worldwide as the lead singer in Simply Red, belting out hit after hit including Something Got Me Started and Holding Back the Years. But unfortunately there was nothing holding back his man boobs during this golf tournament. Mick was attending Rick Wakeman’s celebrity golf day last week in the UK, and…more »

Steven Tyler Man Boobs

Steven Tyler’s Man Boobs Rock Out

Aerosmith frontman and all around rock hero Steven Tyler must have screwed literally hundreds of women over the years. It must have been a real hassle having hot groupies throwing themselves as his feet for a chance of a romp in the back of the tour bus. It’s hard for us normal guys to feel…more »