Man Boob Shirts Compared

Many men ask us for our opinions on the best man boob shirts that are available on the internet and in stores to find out how they compare. To answer their important questions this page is where we show the best man boob shirts comparison between the top compression shirts that we have tested. This easy to use gynecomastia shirts comparison table will help you decide which chest compression shirt is best for you. If you need to read the gynecomastia shirt reviews then click on the link below the Verdict for each shirt.

So how do we review and rate the man boob shirts that we test? On this page below is a summary table of the compression shirts comparison data for the top 4 best shirts to hide man boobs that we have tested so far. All of the compression man boob shirts that we test are put through their paces and are finally rated in our reviews against several important characteristics. they are; Results, Quality, Comfort and Value for Money. Our experience has found, together with customer’s experiences, that these are the most important criteria when judging the overall rating of man boob shirts.

Gynecomastia Compression Shirts Compared

Do you want to know the ratings for our best shirts for gynecomastia to hide man boobs? The data shown below has come out of our own research during the man boobs shirt reviews. We’ve also spoken to men who’ve tried each of these man boob shirts to get their feedback on how well they worked for them. You’ll get the facts on how each of the best man boobs shirt compares: GyneSlim™ Shirts Vs CompRX™ Vs SlimT’s™ Shirts vs InstSlim™ Shirts.

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GyneSlim Gynecomastia Shirts






CompRX Man Boob Shirts






SlimT's Man Boobs Shirt






InstaSlim Compression Shirts





How do We Rate the Man Boobs Shirt Reviews?

Our reviews examine several important criteria to determine how each of the best man boobs shirt for gynecomastia compare giving the final ratings shown above. These criteria have been chosen from customer feedback as they are the most important aspects of the chest sculpting shirts as they relate to the men who use man boobs shirt products.

The Overall Rating for each product in the compression t-shirt comparison table is determined from a varying degree of importance applied to each of the criteria as they relate to customer experience.


The review looks at the overall effectiveness of the shirts in reducing the appearance of man boobs. Does the shirt sculpt the chest and make your man boob problem disappear? Can the shirts be seen underneath other clothing? are just some of the important questions that these compression shirts have to answer.


How well are the compression shirts made? When comparing the gynecomastia shirts we looked at the quality of the material and stitching. Do the seams look like they will come apart after only a being worn a few times? Some cheap compression shirts we’ve seen are made from thin low quality material that wouldn’t last one month, we wouldn’t want to recommend those man boob shirts to you.


The best gynecomastia shirts are designed to be worn all day, during all sorts of activities. The last thing you’ll need is an uncomfortable man boobs shirt that chafes at your skin or makes you sweat. A well made compression shirt will feel like you’re not even wearing it. Quality materials and well stitched seams are what we’re looking for.

Value for Money

Our reviews compare the compression man boob shirts to determine which one offers good value for money. The shirt’s price, quality as well as its effectiveness is taken into account when determining its value rating.

It’s worth noting that even though the compression shirts comparisons shown above are supported by in-depth research and customer experience, it is important to understand that results may vary depending on your physique.

If you choose a compression shirt as part of your method of how to lose man boobs then tell us if they worked for you by using out contact form.

What’s the Best Compression Shirt to Hide Man Boobs?

Our in-depth reviews have determined that GyneSlim™ shirts are the best shirts to hide man boobs. They are ideal to wear if you are using other methods to lose man boobs, such as gynecomastia pills or an exercise program. The GyneSlim™ shirts will hide your moob problem instantly, and discreetly, before your gynecomastia treatment program starts to work.

#1 GyneSlim™ Shirtsfrom $24.95

GyneSlim™ Shirts Review


  • Rating 4.5/5 Stars.
  • Specially designed for gynecomastia sufferers
  • Hides man boobs effectively
  • Also slims belly and love handles
  • Worn under any clothing
  • Cool to wear all day
  • Made in USA


GyneSlim™ shirts are the best compression shirts that we’ve ever reviewed to hide man boobs. A GyneSlim™ man boobs shirt is designed for gynecomastia in mind, unlike regular compression shirts. Wear GyneSlim™ shirts under your normal clothing and get immediate results from the best gynecomastia shirts around.

Our reviewer found that you can’t get the best results from regular compression shirts compared to a shirt specially designed for gynecomatia, such as GyneSlim™. We found in our GyneSlim™ review that you’ll also look slimmer with a reduced belly and love handles. Why settle for a compression shirt that just tackles your belly and love handles when you can get the best results with GyneSlim™ shirts.