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CompRX Under Shirts for Men – The #2 Compression Shirts

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CompRX Compression Shirts
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Overall Rating:

  • Rating 4/5 Stars.

CompRX Shirts overall review rating
4 out of 5
Reviewed by John


Price: $24.95

CompRX shirts are a new addition to our top list. We recommend them as a good all purpose compression shirt. They are designed to slim your upper torso and they do a good job. I found my man boobs appeared significantly smaller when I wore the shirt. Best of all it also slimmed my stomach and sides. I found I could wear the shirt under a t-shirt and easily use it for a workout. After a 3 mile run I wore the shirt for the rest of the day and it still smelled fresh when I took it off.

Best of all is the price! They start at only $24.95 for a shirt or tank top and can be had for as little as $17.99 per shirt or tank top. Although CompRX does not sell these shirts as gynecomastia specific, they could easily do so.

Also these shirts are great for an immediate reduction in how big your male breasts look at the start of your gynecomastia pill treatment or exercise program.

  • CompRX Shirts – #2 compression shirts for man boobs.
  • Reshapes your chest to hide man boobs
  • Makes you look slimmer & healthier
  • Look firmer, younger & well toned
  • Fits under most garments
  • USA Quality, made in the USA, Done right the first time!

Best Compression Shirts for Man Boobs

CompRX™ Shirts
Rated #2
Results 4/5
Quality 3.5/5
Comfort 4/5
Value 4.5/5
Price $24.95
Verdict 4/5

CompRX Review:

Like all of the other top performing gynecomastia shirts CompRX is made from a blend of fibers containing Spandex. While they don’t have any special panels that target the chest area, the whole shirt works very well as a general compression shirt that not only compresses your chest and man boobs, but gives you a slimmer and firmer appearance all over. I wore a CompRX slimming undershirt under a trendy name brand t-shirt to a friend’s birthday party and received complements on how good I looked.

They are offered in two colors, black and white. The shirts make a great undershirt and because of their neutral color they can be worn under most garments without revealing themselves. What I really like is you can buy them in a sleeveless version which makes them virtually undetectable under any top.


When I first received the shirt I was a little skeptical as to how well it would work for gynecomastia sufferers, since CompRX advertises these shirts as body slimming under shirts and athletic wear, but after trying on the shirt I was very impressed.

I ordered a size smaller than I usually wear as their instructions recommend and just to see what the difference is I ordered a second under shirt in my normal size. While both shirts made me look slimmer and firmer the difference between the 1 size smaller than my normal size and my regular size was significant. They are right to recommend 1 size smaller it makes a big difference.

Again the shirts work well but you can’t always wear a shirt, if you are going to the pool or sun tanning, no shirts can help disguise your man boobs. If you want to reduce your male breast size and not just cover it up you may want to also look at our gynecomastia pills and exercises reviews.

The Verdict:

For the price and performance we rank these shirts as our #2 Spot. They are designed to give your whole upper body, from your belly to your chest, a slimmer look. And they do just that.

They work well as a gynecomastia shirt, although they don’t have any special panels or layers designed to deal with larger man breasts, they do a good job at reducing the size of your man boobs and for that we definitely recommend them. If you are looking for a higher end compression shirt designed for gynecmoastia sufferers and you don’t mind paying a little more to get a great shirt than give GyneSlim™ a try.

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CompRX Shirts for Men$24.95

CompRX Compression Shirts

CompRX for men are available in XS, S,M,L, XL and 2XL sizes for only $24.95 + S+H. Order 1 size smaller than you normally wear for the best slimming results.


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