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Overall Rating:

  • Rating 4.5/5 Stars.

GyneSlim™ Shirts overall review rating 
4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by John


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We’ve reviewed many shirts in the past but after reviewing GyneSlim™ we now have a new No.1 ranked gynecomastia shirt!

GyneSlim™ shirts have been specially designed to hide your man boobs. Unlike other compression and slimming garments that only slim your belly and love handles, a GyneSlim™ shirt will do all that as well as reduce the appearance of man boobs.

If you don’t want to be embarrassed by your man boobs wear a GyneSlim™ shirt underneath your regular clothing for immediate results.

  • GyneSlim™ – NEW #1 gynecomastia shirts for man boobs.
  • Designed for gynecomastia sufferers & Made in the USA
  • Immediate Results
  • Reshapes your chest to hide man boobs
  • Look firmer, younger & well toned
  • Fits under any garments – short sleeves and wide neck
  • FREE “How to Lose Man Boobs” Exercise & Diet Guide (order the 3 or 5-pack)

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GyneSlim™ Shirts Review:

If you’re like us you will have been disappointed after having tried lots of regular compression shirts, such as SlimT’s™ and Under Armor, and never finding one that gives great compression where guys like us need it; in the upper-chest area. We think that the search is over as GyneSlim™ have stepped up with a new shirt that aims to do better than all the competition. Other compression garments concentrate their compressive effects on the love handles and belly area, but if you suffer from man boobs this just doesn’t give you what you really need.

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GyneSlim™ shirts have just been launched and are already getting rave reviews for their results seen by men’s health professionals and personal trainers throughout the US. We decided to review a GyneSlim™ shirt to see if all this buzz was justified.

GyneSlim™ shirts are designed from the ground up with gynecomastia sufferers in mind. They are made from a complex Spandex-blend of fibers that shapes your chest and flattens your man boobs so that they are barely noticeable. I found the material quality to be nice to the touch, not rubbery like other brands of compression shirt. As a bonus, just like other compression garments they also help to slim your waist, flatten your stomach area and conceal your love handles.


Immediately after putting a GyneSlim™ shirt on I was impressed at how effective it was at hiding my man boobs. Compared to the regular compression shirts I’ve tried, GyneSlim™ shirts give a noticeably better compression and reduced my man boobs even more than SlimT™’s (a previous #1 ranked shirt). To get the best impression of the shirt I wore several throughout a typical week which included business meetings, social gatherings, a date and a sport event. I was amazed at how cool the shirt kept me, even in warm weather, and I also had most confidence in the way I looked in a long time.

“Regular compression shirts can’t give the same results as a shirt designed for men with gynecomastia.”

The quality of the GyneSlim™ shirts was impressive, and they’re made in the USA so you know they’ll last, unlike a lot of the cheaper Chinese made garments we review. They are available in black or white and remember, order a GyneSlim™ shirt that is one size smaller than you normally wear for the best results.

The Verdict:

Our GyneSlim™ shirt was working so well I decided to keep wearing it for a lot longer that we normally do for our reviews. It was comfortable to wear, discreet and did hide man boobs better than any other shirt I’ve tried. It felt good to get positive comments from friends about how great I looked and the admiring looks from women made me smile. Remember, regular slimming t-shirts are only really designed to hide belly fat and love handles and don’t hide your man boobs like GyneSlim™ shirts.

These are the only compression shirts designed to help gynecomastia sufferers and compared to the competition these definately work the best, without a doubt. When you look at the pricing, GyneSlim™ shirts seem a bit more expensive than the competition but the results you’ll get definitely justify the extra outlay. We recommended you buy the “Work Week 5 Pack” as you will receive 5 shirts and a FREE guide that tells you how to lose man boobs naturally with diet and exercise tips. It’s the best value and works out to only $25.99 per shirt, only a few dollars more than the competition for a far better shirt AND you also get a free guide. NONE of the competitor slimming shirt brands give away an exercise and diet guide to help you lose man boobs!

We liked GyneSlim™ so much we immediately put it to the top as our #1 gynecomastia shirt. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed after ordering one of these.

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GyneSlim™ Shirts for Men from $25.99

GyneSlim™ Gynecomastia Shirt

Order a GyneSlim™ shirt in White and in a full range of sizes, S,M,L,XL & 2XL, from only $25.99. GyneSlim™ recommends to order the same size that you normally wear for the best slimming results.

REVIEWER RECOMMENDATION – Buy the “Work Week Pack” for $129.95 and receive 5 shirts WITH FREE SHIPPING; PLUS a FREE “How to Lose Man Boobs” exercise and diet guide. That’s 5 gynecomastia shirts for only $25.99 each PLUS a FREE exercise and diet guide. Great value!


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