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SlimT’s™ Shirts for Men – The #3 Compression Shirts – As Seen on TV

#3 Rated Man Boob T-Shirts
SlimT's Compression Shirts

AS SEEN ON TV $19.95

Overall Rating:

  • Rating 3.5/5 Stars.

SlimT’s™ Shirts overall review rating
 3.5 out of 5
Reviewed by John

Price: $19.95

REVIEW UPDATE: Our reviewer has reported that SlimT’s are no longer accepting orders through their website. If you need a compression garment please read our GyneSlim™ review before you buy any compression shirts!

SlimT’s™ shirts for men are a TV advertised compression shirt that is designed to make you look slimmer, so we decided to order one to see for ourselves if they also hide man boobs. Designed to be worn underneath your normal day-to-day clothing SlimT’s™ shirts are so discreet that no one will know that you’re wearing one. You’ll get compliments on how good you look because your belly and love handles will be slimmer, but will you still be embarrassed by your man boobs?.

  • SlimTee’s™ Shirts – #3 compression shirts for man boobs.
  • Reshapes your chest to hide man boobs
  • Makes you look slimmer & healthier
  • Look firmer, younger & well toned
  • Fits under any garments

Best Compression Shirts for Man Boobs

SlimT’s™ Shirts














SlimT’s™ Review:

SlimT’s™ are made from special Spandex-blend fibers that, according to the manufacturer, slims your waist, flattens your stomach area, conceals your love handles and gives extra lift and shapes your chest.

The slimming effect is due to a special arrangement of 12 uniquely designed firming panels that work with your body to trim and tighten your problem areas. SlimTee’s can be worn under any clothing and are discreet and stay cool, no matter what you might get up to.


We were pleased at how effective these compression shirts are at slimming belly fat, but a little disappointed in how they are for hiding man boobs. When I started out on my man boob reducing exercises I wore a SlimT™ in the weeks before I started seeing any results from the exercises. Friends would comment on how good I looked and some even thought that I had lost weight! They really do give the impression of immediate results, and I still wear them today to reduce the size of my love-handles. But I’ve now switched to wearing GyneSlim™ shirts for their improved effectiveness at hiding my man boobs.

The only downside is that they don’t help during any activities where I can’t wear a shirt, such as on the beach or at the pool. Only a pill treatment or exercise program will do that. But when I’m at work or out on the town these shirts make me look great, and the complements are great too! Remember, order a Slim Tee that is one size smaller than you normally wear for the best results.

The Verdict:

We concluded that the SlimT’s™ shirts only deserved the #3 spot as the best compression shirts. They are comfortable to wear, discreet and do an OK job to hide your man boobs. The main downside is that they are a compression shirt that is designed to deal with belly fat and love handles. Our new #1 shirts, GyneSlim™, are designed to deal with your man boobs and you still get a similar slimming effect around the waist.

Compared to the competition these shirts work well and are great value for money, but they don’t work as well in compression of your chest as our #1 compression shirts for man boobs, GyneSlim™ shirts. Slim Tees™ are the best As Seen on TV compression shirts for slimming your belly, but not the best you can buy on the internet for man boobs.

For a superior shirt for hiding man boobs we recommend that you read our GyneSlim™ review to find out why they are the best.

SlimTee’s™ Shirts Ordering

They accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Google Checkout through their secure shopping cart system and will immediately ship out your order.

PLEASE NOTE: SlimT’s are no longer accepting orders through their website. We are advising our readers to choose another compression shirt.

SlimT’s™ Shirts for Men$19.95

Slim Tee's Compression Shirts

SlimTee’s™ for men are available in S,M,L & XL sizes for only $19.95 + S+H. Order 1 size smaller than you normally wear for the best slimming results.