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InstaSlim™ Shirts for Men – The #4 Rated Compression T-Shirts

#4 Rated Man Boob T-Shirts
InstaSlim Compression Shirts

Overall Rating:

  • Rating 3/5 Stars.

InstaSlim™ Shirts overall review rating
 3 out of 5
Reviewed by John


Price: $19.95

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InstaSlim™ Shirts for men are primarily designed for slimming your belly and love handles so we decided to check them out to see if they helped to hide or reduce the appearance of your man boobs. These shirts are designed to be worn comfortably under your normal clothing all day long. Available in 3 different styles there is one to fit your wardrobe. These As Seen on TV compression shirts have helped thousands of men look slimmer, but are they any good to hide man boobs?

  • InstaSlim™ Shirts – The #4 rated compression shirts.
  • As Seen on TV compression shirts
  • Have some effect in hiding your man boobs
  • Flatten your stomach
  • Eliminate your love handles
  • Fits under almost any garment

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InstaSlim™ Shirts Review:

You’ve probably seen InstaSlim™ shirts advertised on TV as a men’s slimming shirt and many of our readers are interested in finding out if they also help with their particular problem, to hide their man boobs. So we ordered an InstaSlim™ shirt of our own so we could review it and tell you if it actually helps to hide man boobs.

These chest slimming shirts as seen on TV are available in 2 colors, black or white and 3 styles: muscle tanktop, crew neck, and V-neck. They are very comfortable to wear, I have even slept in them over night when I didn’t want my new girlfriend to see my gynecomastia up close and personal. InstaSlim shirts help to hide men’s nipples also, which is great news as gynecomastia often causes mine to be puffy.

Unlike their competition these shirts look like a regular compression shirt, with no additional stretch panels that make the shirt stand out so you can wear them not just under your clothes but also over them. Keep in mind if you have a fair bit of extra chest fat like i do, the tank top version tends to spill my fatty tissue out of the sides where the tank top stops around the arms. During my InstaSlim™ review I found that they should be washed in cold water to keep them in top form; otherwise their stretchy quality will deteriorate.

The nice thing about these shirts is that they also offer better cooling so there is less chance of showing sweat under your man boobs. Again the tank top is not as effective in reducing unsightly sweat as their other shirts since there is no material around the top portion of the underarm to help cool and wick away sweat.


These shirts are designed to be very effective against belly and side fat, this can be seen in their design and cut, but they are not as effective at controlling gynecomastia. With proper gynecomastia shirts part of their design increases the compression effect in the top part of the tank top.

InstaSlim™ shirts work by using a stretchy material throughout the shirt that pulls the chest into the body which works somewhat in reducing male breast size. But it’s mainly effective in making your lower chest and belly look slimmer.

I would like mention that after my InstaSlim™ review they placed fourth best in our slimming shirt review, but they do work well and they have a few different styles for you to choose from. This slimming shirt works well on the belly but works only OK as a gynecomastia shirt, you will get better results with the #1 gynecomastia shirts for hiding man boobs.

Well I am a champion for using compression shirts and what I like about this brand is that they offer the shirt in a few different styles and an effective shirt is one that is worn. If you don’t want to wear one because it doesn’t suit your outfit then it is not effectively meeting your needs, but with InstaSlim you can choose from 3 different styles and from 2 colors.

The Verdict:

While our InstaSlim™ review found that they were not our top pick in the chest slimming shirt line, these compression shirts work ok in helping to hide your man boobs, but that is because they were not designed with gynecomastia in mind. I have been known to just wear the black V-neck version out to the bars in the summer. The $9.95 shipping price seems to be on par with other shirt suppliers and the price doesn’t change when you order a large number. Even ordering 20 shirts will only set you back $9.95 in shipping and handling and that is impressive!

>>> UPDATE – NEW #1 Compression Shirts! GyneSlim™ Shirts are the only compression shirts designed for gynecomastia sufferers. Before you buy any shirts, click here to read our GyneSlim™ Shirt review!! <<<

REMEMBER: The shirts only help hide your gynecomastia, the best way to get rid of your bigger than normal male breasts is through a good diet that stays away from the hormones that trigger gynecomastia and performing exercises to get rid of man breasts.

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InstaSlim Compression Shirts

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