Did Simon Cowell Lose Man Boobs with Gynecomastia Surgery?

Simon Cowell Loses Man Boobs

Has Simon Cowell undegone gynecomastia surgery to lose his man boobs?

American Idol and X Factor creator and judge Simon Cowell seems to have lost his man boobs several years ago, but did he do it through gynecomastia surgery or plain hard work at the gym?

From the comparison photo above it definitely looks like the British pop and TV impresario has done very well in getting rid of his man boobs, but we’re trying to work out how he did it. By his own admission Simon like to look his best and has been know to say he uses Botox™ to keep his face in check. With a busy lifestyle and a well managed public image to maintain, it is possible that he took the easy and quick surgery option to deal with his moobs.

While the $6000+ cost of man boob surgery is certainly affordable for the likes of Simon (worth an estimated $150M +), for the rest of us it’s way to expensive to even consider. But, by the looks of his improved overall physique its not beyond the realms of possibility that he hit the gym and put in the hard work with some man boob exercises to take care of his chest fat problems.

But, whatever he did we can only admire the results and our hats are off to you Simon.

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