Jack Nicholson Takes His Man Boobs on a Boat Ride

Jack Nicholson Man Boobs with Hoagie in Hand

Hollywood screen legend Jack Nicholson takes a boat trip with his man boobs

Hollywood movie legend Jack Nicholson has got to an age where he does what he likes and doesn’t care about the consequences. He’s been there, done that, and has the stories to prove it. Pictured here on a boat basking in the sun eating a sandwich, he doesn’t give a damn that his feminine man boobs are on display for all to see (well, for those with a zoom lens!)

Age is not kind to the male body and a fat belly and man boobs often go hand in hand during advancing years. But there is something to be done. We say, “Jack, lose the man boobs with these tips”.

  1. Cut out the snacking on foot-long subs
  2. Hit the gym to lose weight and improve overall fitness
  3. Get on a man boob exercise program to lose the moobs

One Response to “Jack Nicholson Takes His Man Boobs on a Boat Ride”

Whoa, Jack really has let himself go recently. No more pies for you my friend.

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