Steven Tyler’s Man Boobs Rock Out

Steven Tyler Man Boobs

Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler rocks out on the beach with his man boobs

Aerosmith frontman and all around rock hero Steven Tyler must have screwed literally hundreds of women over the years. It must have been a real hassle having hot groupies throwing themselves as his feet for a chance of a romp in the back of the tour bus.

It’s hard for us normal guys to feel sorry for the guy, but time is treating his body in the same way as it does the rest of us. His man boobs are there for all to see as he tries to have fun at the beach. Liv must be embarrassed that her dad has bigger tits than she does.

She should help her dad out by giving him some gynecomatia pills to treat his boobie affliction. Then everyone will be happy, everyone on the beach that is.

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That’s funny, find more man boob pics here.

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