Teenage Brothers Afflicted with Man Boobs Due to Genetic Condition

Teenage Man Boob Surgery

Three brothers from the Dominican Republic recently underwent free gynecomastia surgery to deal with their man boobs caused by a genetic condition

Three teenage brothers from the Dominican Republic recently became local media celebrities after their man boob problem was taken up by the local Kona5 TV station. The family lives in the southern rural town of Magueyal and their father was unable to afford the expensive gynecomastia surgery to remove their man boobs that was causing them distress through bullying.

His appeal was picked up by doctors at the Marcelino Velez Santana Hospital, whose boss Dr Pedro Antonio Delgado agreed to pay for the operations.

Dr Elbi Morla told the show: ‘In reality, this is a key moment in their evolution. It was something that was affecting them greatly.’

After the operation the boys will take medication to block the female hormones that their bodies were producing, most likely due to a hormonal anomaly passed on through generations of the area’s small congenital gene pool.

Although this is clearly a case where doctors determined that gynecomastia surgery was the only option available, it was fortunate that a doctor offered to pay the many thousands of dollars for the surgery. Thankfully most gynecomastia cases do not require surgery and can be adequately dealt with using gynecomastia pills.

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