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Soy Milk Breasts

Can soy milk cause gynecomastia? More men are developing man boobs or gynecomastia at an alarming rate diving us into one of the hottest health topics.

Soy Milk Man Bboobs

Soy milk contains the female hormone estrogen

Men tend to think that eating soy is a healthy protein alternative to meats and even dairy, but is it really? We have done some secondary research and found a high number of accounts where men started to develop man boobs because of their diet. When men think of soy they tend to think of a healthy alternative to milk based products and meat based proteins and why the Chinese and Japanese seem to live longer and healthier lives and they eat a lot of soy right?

Well they may eat soy but it is fermented soy which has a different effect on the body than processed soy used in tofu and soy milk. Check back soon as we will have an in-depth article on the differences between processed and fermented soy.

To make matters worse or at least increase the incidences of soy milk breasts, more people are becoming lactose intolerant and substituting soy milk for cow milk.

With more people developing dairy allergies soy milk is being consumed at a higher and higher rate, but at what cost?

It is well known that Soy is responsible higher estrogen levels as is contains weak estrogen, but don’t let the term weak fool you it merely implies it is a weaker form of estrogen but if you eat a lot of it, soy can cause dramatic spikes in estrogen levels, in fact James Price a Vietnam vet who has a otherwise fit and lean body developed gynecomastia that was finally traced back to his soy milk consumption, after seeing 4 different doctors, they found over 8 times the normal limit of estrogen for men in his body.

One of his doctors was convinced that he was injecting himself with estrogen, wreaking havoc on everything from his ability to get morning erections to hair loss and of course soy man boobs. Eventually the last doctor he saw traced it all down to his consumption of soy milk. James drank 3 quarts of soy milk a day and that was enough to cause dramatic changes in his body (Citation: Men’s Health, By Jim Thornton, Posted Date: May 19, 2009

Update: Hollywood actor Jeremy Piven blames his man boobs on soy milk.

What Causes Soy Man Breasts

Soy is mainly composed of protein and essential fatty acids, but also a class of compounds called isoflavones.

Genistein, daidzein, equol, and glycitein are some of the compounds in the isoflavone family and are also commonly called phytoestrogens meaning they have estrogen like properties but come from plants. Over time these isoflavones, that are in the soy which we eat and drink, can have a cumulative estrogenic effect on the organs which have sensitive estrogen receptors like the breast and the thyroid, leading to soy man breasts.
(Citation: , Soy and Estrogen Dominance by Michael Lam, MD, MPH,

Not only is soy linked to developing man boobs, there are many other foods and chemicals that men are exposed to on a daily basis that can affect the development of male breasts.

Thankfully there are man breast exercise guides that not only give you a good exercise routine for tackling male breasts but have detailed information on how to eat better and avoid the foods that cause gynecomastia.

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