Flavio Briatore’s Man Boobs Don’t Scare the Chicks

Flavio Briatore with His Wife and Man Boobs

Flavio proves that man boobs are no barrier to scoring with the chicks

Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore is proof positive that man boobs are no barrier to picking up hot chicks, provided you’re absolutely loaded! This is his current wife, a former Wonderbra model, and he’s previously had a kid with supermodel Heidi Klum.

We might not know much about Flavio in the US but he’s well known in Europe as the former head of the successful Renault Formula 1 team, before he was banned for life in 2009 for fixing a race. He has many other business interests but these days we’re sure he spends most of his time entertaining his hot wife in exotic locations around the world.

He’s a busy guy, so if he wants to lose the moobs he’ll need an easy option such as herbal man boob pills to help him get his chest back in shape.

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