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How To Pick Up Girls With Man Boobs

Brian asked:

I writing in to ask you a question that is a little off topic but affects me and I am sure a few other men that have larger than normal male breasts. How can I pick up a girl with my condition? I’m scared I will get shot down so I make it a point not to ask girls out.
If you have an answer I would really appreciate it
lonely guy

Our Expert Answers:

First off your not off topic, you are right it does affect many men out there, even me. I used to just sit by ideally as a potential girl of my dreams would pass me by. But I have some news for you. YOU CAN MEET WOMEN and SUCCESSFULLY PICK THEM UP. While it is true that many women are concerned about a guys looks they are more likely than guys to get past the man appearance if they feel he is a a good mate.

So how can you get a girl to look past your man boobs and fall for the inner you?
Easy with some charm!

Have you ever seen a totally ugly guy with some smoking hot girl?
Or a guy you would classify as a total loser that has a girlfriend that could be a model?
How about a heavily overweight guy with a sexy babe?

The reason these guys get the girls is because they exude confidence. They also can make the girls laugh. These two abilities are a recipe for getting the girl of your dreams. About 10 years ago, long before I got rid of my man boobs I stumbled across a dating gurus' website and what he had to say made sense, although it is counter intuitive. He uses a cocky and funny approach to meeting women.

Now you don't need to read his book to pick up women, just work on being funny and make the effort to approach and talk with girls. Many times hot girls get ignored because guys are too scared to talk with them. If you go and chat them up you've just done something most guys can't do and that's half the battle. The second part is maintaining their interest and getting them to like you and you do this by being funny and NOT bending over backwards for them, you have to make them interested and by being a wuss you either get moved into the friend zone or you lose their interest completely. So don't give in to them and try and be a little cocky, not too much to make them thing you are a jerk but enough to make it a challenge for them and for them to see you as confident. David does a great job explaining how to do this naturally and confidently.

While we are on the topic of ebooks there are some great books on Man boob exercises and diets that will help you lose your chest fat in no time.

David's method works nearly every time, in fact I stopped reading his techniques because what I learned worked well enough that I can pretty much meet and pick up a girl anywhere anytime.

So if you are tired of sitting on the sidelines watch life pass you by read his Ebook and start meeting women today.

Just like losing your man breasts you have to work at it and practice. You will make some mistakes with some women, but learn from them, don't be afraid of being shot down, it's part of the learning process.

If you are feeling self conscious then you can always buy a man boob reducing compression shirt that will make you look better the moment you put it on.

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