Prince Andrew’s Man Boobs Don’t Slow Him Down

Prince Andrew's Man Boobs

The UK's Prince Andrew shows that man boobs are no barrier to success with the ladies.

The UK’s Prince Andrew has been linked with a bevvy of beauties throughout his life and this photo shows that age related man boobs are not slowing him down in that respect. We’re sure that the young hottie sharing time with him on a luxury yacht likes him as a person and isn’t attracted to his royal heritage or money.

Prince William’s uncle is known by several unflattering monikers in the UK tabloid press, such as Randy Andy and Airmiles Andy. He gets a lot of flack for spending vast sums of public money during foreign trips in his role as a trade ambassador for the UK government. This is difficult for the British public to stomach during the current European financial crisis.

Perhaps he should spend a little of that public cash on some man boob pills or hit the gym to get rid of his man boobs. I’m sure the Brits won’t mind the extra cost, it’ll save them from seeing photos like this.

Most men will suffer from moobs as they get older, due to our skin no longer being as taught as it should, but as long as you’re rich or have royal breeding you’ll be able to pick up hot chicks.

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