Simon Cowell’s Man Boobs Don’t Like the Cold

Simon Cowell's Man Boobs don't Like the Cold

Cold weather, man boobs and thin sweaters don't mix Simon. Didn't your stylist tell you that?

Simon Cowell’s one of the more stylish Englishmen around but he let himself down by wearing a thin sweater on a cold day. It’s no surprise he looks unimpressed, his man boob’s nips stick out like blind cobbler’s thumbs!

Simon was in Cardiff UK to judge the latest round of Britain’s Got Talent auditions which is a popular show across the pond. The 52 year old is well known for wearing jeans with sweaters, but he might want to wear gynecomastia shirts to hide his man boobs and reshape his chest if he wants to continue to sport thin sweaters.

Compression shirts, such as SlimT’s, will help shape his chest area and hide Simon’s man boobs while he hits the gym to work off those moobs.

He’s well known to us and Simon’s man boobs have featured in our blog before. We thought he had gynecomastia surgery a couple of years ago, but living the high life has obviously made his man boobs return.

We advise him to eat more healthily and do man boob exercises, which should get his moob problem under control.

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poor Simon, even those women are laughing at his man boobs

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