Mick Hucknall’s Man Boobs Regret not Wearing a Compression Shirt

Mick Hucknall Needs Compression Shirt to Hide Man Boobs

Simply Red star could improve his look by wearing a gynecomastia shirt

Mick Hucknall is known worldwide as the lead singer in Simply Red, belting out hit after hit including Something Got Me Started and Holding Back the Years. But unfortunately there was nothing holding back his man boobs during this golf tournament.

Mick was attending Rick Wakeman’s celebrity golf day last week in the UK, and his tight fitting golf shirt didn’t flatter the singer. The 52-year-old is starting to show his age, although he looks pretty trim his chest area could do with some help.

If Mick asked us for help we’d recommend wearing a gynecomastia shirt which would flatten his budding man boobs and give his torso a more toned appearance. He obviously spends time in the gym and with further work will get rid of his man boobs for good, but in the mean time a compression shirt would help his chest look more toned.

In our man boob shirt reviews we found that GyneSlim shirts were the best compression shirts to hide man boobs.

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