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Danny Devito Man Boobs

Danny DeVito and His Man Boobs Enjoy a Beach Sandwich

Veteran Hollywood actor and director Danny DeVito is seen here enjoying a sandwich while sunning himself on a beach in this undated photo. The 67 year old funny man is obviously happy with his ample size and that his “Twins” are on show for all to see. As with a lot of men of advancing…more »

Prince Andrew's ManBoobs

Prince Andrew’s Man Boobs Don’t Slow Him Down

The UK’s Prince Andrew has been linked with a bevvy of beauties throughout his life and this photo shows that age related man boobs are not slowing him down in that respect. We’re sure that the young hottie sharing time with him on a luxury yacht likes him as a person and isn’t attracted to…more »

Simon Cowell's Man Boobs don't Like the Cold

Simon Cowell’s Man Boobs Don’t Like the Cold

Simon Cowell’s one of the more stylish Englishmen around but he let himself down by wearing a thin sweater on a cold day. It’s no surprise he looks unimpressed, his man boob’s nips stick out like blind cobbler’s thumbs! Simon was in Cardiff UK to judge the latest round of Britain’s Got Talent auditions which…more »

Jeremy Piven Soy Milk Man Boobs

Jeremy Piven – Soy Milk Gave Him Man Boobs

Hollywood TV and movie actor Jeremy Piven, most well known for starring in the hugely popular Entourage TV show, had to give up drinking soy milk as it made him develop man boobs. Like a lot of men Jeremy thought that he was taking the healthy option with soy milk, but didn’t realize the unflattering…more »

Michael Winner Loses His Man Boobs

Michael Winner Lost His Man Boobs

Veteran British movie director Michael Winner, mostly known for the Death Wish movies starring Charles Bronson, has managed to lose his man boobs (and a good few lbs in the process) with a change in diet. Over several years he has cut down on the amount of late night snacking and started to exercise more….more »

Flavio Briatore with His Wife and Man Boobs

Flavio Briatore’s Man Boobs Don’t Scare the Chicks

Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore is proof positive that man boobs are no barrier to picking up hot chicks, provided you’re absolutely loaded! This is his current wife, a former Wonderbra model, and he’s previously had a kid with supermodel Heidi Klum. We might not know much about Flavio in the US but he’s well known…more »

Simon Cowell Loses Man Boobs

Did Simon Cowell Lose Man Boobs with Gynecomastia Surgery?

American Idol and X Factor creator and judge Simon Cowell seems to have lost his man boobs several years ago, but did he do it through gynecomastia surgery or plain hard work at the gym? From the comparison photo above it definitely looks like the British pop and TV impresario has done very well in…more »

Jack Nicholson Man Boobs with Hoagie in Hand

Jack Nicholson Takes His Man Boobs on a Boat Ride

Hollywood movie legend Jack Nicholson has got to an age where he does what he likes and doesn’t care about the consequences. He’s been there, done that, and has the stories to prove it. Pictured here on a boat basking in the sun eating a sandwich, he doesn’t give a damn that his feminine man…more »

Steven Tyler Man Boobs

Steven Tyler’s Man Boobs Rock Out

Aerosmith frontman and all around rock hero Steven Tyler must have screwed literally hundreds of women over the years. It must have been a real hassle having hot groupies throwing themselves as his feet for a chance of a romp in the back of the tour bus. It’s hard for us normal guys to feel…more »

Fat Guy with Man Boobs

Partying Fat Guy with Man Boobs

Everyone likes to party! That’s a well known fact. This guy is no exception. What we can’t understand is his complete lack of modesty, apart from the lady-magnet posing pouch. He’s got man boobs and he don’t care. Maybe he needs a stint at the gym to get rid of the belly and a man…more »