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A Secret Burning Chest Fat Exercise

This is going to be a real short article as it is more of an addition to a previous article in this series called 4 Great Burning Chest Exercises. Now just like those man boobs exercises this one can also be done in the comfort of your own home so no need to worry if you don’t want to join a gym.

The Diamond Hands Push-Up Technique

This is a type of push-up that has been given a slight twist that makes it target your chest area far more than what the regular type of push-ups do. For that reason it is one of the best exercises for burning chest fat that you will encounter.

The way to do it is to lay flat on your stomach and then to stretch out your arms in front of you above your head. Now place one of your palms over the other and push your self up. The only points touching the floor now should be your feet and your palms.

This is a little more difficult than the previous burning chest fat exercises that I mentioned so there is also a beginner version that makes it slightly easier. The easier method is to lift from your knees instead of just your feet so when you lift you will have the palm of your hand, your feet and your knees touching the floor.

You should ideally take 1 second to push up and 3 seconds to come down to get the maximum effect and also try to keep your back as straight as possible to prevent the risk of any injury. This is one of the best man boobs exercises and is not only great for burning chest fat but also for working the abs and the torso.

If I’m honest I didn’t create this or any other man boobs exercises I simply came across it in the Chest Coach™ System. If you are serious about burning chest fat and getting rid of your man boobs for good then I’d definitely recommend you take a look at it as there is also another amazing secret technique that the author reveals plus you get in depth advice on other things such as diet.

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What’s the best man boobs exercises program?

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