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What is the best exercise to loose man boobs?

matt asked:

i am 140 lbs. and 5′ 4” and i have like 1 inch man boobs and like puffy nipples it is really embarrassing and i would like to know what is the most effective exercise to lose this please help!

Our Expert Answers:

Hi Matt,

It sounds like you’re in pretty good shape already, but you’ve still got man boobs. For many men exercise alone is not enough to get rid of man boobs permanently. And no amount of upper chest exercise is going to make your puffy nipples any smaller.

The only way to lose puffy nipples and get rid of your small man boobs in one shot is to use gynecomastia pills. Don’t worry, these pills are 100% natural with potent herbal ingredients to target the fatty cells within your man boobs and puffy nipples. Take the man boob pills for a few weeks and they should reduce the size of your nipples and your man boobs. Please let us know how you get on.

The best man boob pills that we have ever seen are Gynexin™ and there are thousands of men in the U.S, like you, who have permanently got rid of their man boobs and puffy nipple problem using it.

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