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How long will it take me to lose my fatty small man boobs?

Justin Ha asked:

It feels like jello sort of. I am 21 years old. And weigh 152 pounds. But i have man boobs. What i have been starting doing is 25 minutes 5x a week doing crunches and chest flyes and bench presses with 8 pound dumb bells (16 pounds together) And i have also been dieting a little bit. I don’t drink soft drinks and i don’t really eat sweets. Please help! And give me answers please this is very important!

Our Expert Answers:

Hi Justin,

Calendar How Long Does it Take to Lose Mman Boobs

Many men ask how long does it take to get rid of man boobs...the answer may surprise you

We can sympathize with the position you find yourself in and we have been asked by many men, how long does it take to lose man boobs?. Just like thousands of men who suffer from man boobs you’ve hit the gym with no real results to be seen. For many men exercise alone is not enough to lose their man boobs and they start to stress as to how long does it take to get rid of man boobs?.

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The gym exercises have helped you lose a lot of weight, but it’s frustrating that your man boobs remain.

This frustrating lack of progress is made worse as exercise promises to cure all fat related problems. When exercise and diet changes don’t work then we recommend gynecomastia pills as a sure fire way of getting rid of man boobs fast.

Gynecomastia pills are a completely natural method to lose man boobs and are made from potent herbal ingredients that specifically target the chest fat found in man boobs. Thousands of men all over America have used this treatment to get rid of their man boobs permanently.

Gynecomastia pills are inexpensive, have no side effects and start to burn chest fat within weeks. So, to answer your question it won’t take long to lose man boobs if you use gynecomastia pills like Gynexin™.

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