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How can I lose man boobs and love handles fast?

Kade g asked:

I am a 15 year old boy and I weigh 166 pounds. I have medium sized man boobs and love handles. I really want to lose them before the summer. My goal weight is 133 pounds. I don’t want to hear about pills or surgery. Please help me!

Our Expert Answers:

Hi Kade

Your man boobs are probably caused by being overweight as well as by increased hormone levels as you are go through puberty. If you want to avoid man boob pills then your only real option is an exercise program. These guides combine exercise with diet advice, to reduce fatty foods and additives, in order to target the chest fat that you have.

The best man boob exercises focus on the upper chest to target the fat within man boobs. A training plan will also help keep you firmly on track and with a few months hard work you should see your man boobs disappear permanently.

The best exercise program that we have reviewed is the Chest Coach™ system that has been used by thousands of men to reduce and completely remove their man boob problem.

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The Chest Coach™ System is the best man boob exercise treatment that we’ve ever reviewed. Developed by an ex-man boob sufferer, Cliff Manchaster, this program has been extensively developed to get rid of excessive chest fat for good.

The fully digital program allows you to get started straight away and a money back guarantee offers you piece of mind. What’s to lose? Nothing but your man boobs, that’s what! Read our Chest Coach™ review to see how good this exercise program actually is.