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What exercise is good for losing man boobs?

durdurdur asked:

im losing weight but not the man boobs…i dont think i have that one disease because my man boobs arnt that big but i still wanna get rid of them. is it as easy as doing lots of pushups?

Our Expert Answers:

Hi durdurdur

Like a lot of overweight men it sounds like you’ve hit the gym and had success in losing weight, but after all your effort your man boobs are still there. In this case more exercise isn’t going to help you. In fact, pushups might make things worse as they can concentrate work on the lower chest areas, making your man boobs look ever bigger. Not what you want!

At this stage the only option to you is going to be gynecomastia pills, the 100% natural option that uses herbal ingredients to target the fatty cells within your man boobs. Keep going to the gym to get down to your target weight and use the pills to get rid of your man boobs. That’s no more effort than what your already doing. It’s a win-win.

The best man boob pills that we have reviewed are Gynexin™ and there are thousands of men out there who have go rid of their man boobs permanently using it.

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