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What is a good exercise to lose man boobs?

Workerbee23 Asked us:

I work two jobs and I have to make time for my poker nights so I don't have much time in my day to do exercise, so I just want to know what is one good gynecomastia exercise that will help me lose my man boobs.

Our Expert Answers:

Well Workerbee23 we have to applaud you for working so hard. So for this answer we asked a local personal trainer to give his input and you may not be happy with what he has to say. If you don’t have much time for a workout you won’t see fast results. So your best bet would be taking a herbal supplement pill to help you lose chest fat. But you asked for an exercise and if you only do one then this is a great one to stick with.

One of the good chest slimming exercises are jumping jacks, we have touched on this exercise before. To perform a jumping jack you stand up in an area with lots of space around you.
Then put your arms to your side standing with your legs together.

Now bring your hands up above your head and clap your hands together.
At the same time jump up and move your legs out so they are in an upside-down Y shape.
Now to reverse the process.
Pull your arms back down to your sides.
At the same time jump up and then pull your legs back together.
That is one jumping jack.

Now repeat the exercise for 3 sets of 12 repetitions each. Once you have been doing these for about a week you should try and push yourself to 4 sets and increase the reps to 15 and then in another week to 20.

Now keep in mind if you are heavily set all around it will take some time to reduce the chest body fat since your body will reduce the amount of fat fairly evenly throughout. You will however tone the muscles in your chest area which will prevent some breast sag. Should you find that the exercise does not shrink man boobs fast enough then you can always try a slimming shirt. You will see results right away.

Realistically the only real fast way to lose man boobs is to use a combination approach of gynecomastia pills, chest exercises and reducing the bad hormones that target your breasts. If you don’t have much time for exercises then I would really recommend you get yourself one of the leading brands of gynecomastia pills. you can read up on the reviews of the all the different brands, but since you mentioned you don’t have much free time, we put a link at the bottom of the page for what we figure is the best pill on the market today.

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