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Exercises To Get Rid Of Man Boobs

Okay if you’ve found this page then obviously you are looking for exercises to get rid of man boobs. Now there are plenty of these that when used together can bring amazing results ( check out the Chest Coach™ guide if you want a complete program ) but I found a great exercise that works better than most when used on its own.

Over 30% of adult men in the United States have man boobs. Man boobs is common term used to describe oversized male breasts, others are moobs and bitch tits. The medical term for man boobs is gynecomastia and the condition can have devastating emotional and embarrassing effects in men. There are many treatments for man boobs including surgery, diet and natural gynecomastia pill supplements as well as exercise. This article describes a simple man boobs exercise that can help you to get rid of your man boobs.

To get rid of man boobs using exercise, the exercise must specifically target the fatty area on the chest so that the fat can be eliminated. However, you must take care to not perform an exercise that only focuses on the lower chest as this will make your man boobs appear larger.

The man boobs exercise that is used to get rid of the chest fat in man boobs is the decline pushup. Decline pushups can be performed in the comfort of your own home, no special gym equipment is required. The decline pushup is performed in a similar manner to regular pushup apart from the fact that the feet are raised. This can be done by placing them on a chair or a foot stool while performing the exercise. The decline pushup focuses the work on the upper chest area and if these muscles are developed, your chest will even out. A secondary effect is that fat on the lower chest will be burned, due to the fact that performing any exercise will cause the body to burn fat. It is recommended to do decline pushups a few times per week, and over time your man boobs will decrease in size.

Another great exercise to target man boobs is the incline bench press, but a gym membership may be required as a gym bench and weights are needed for this one. The incline bench press is done just like a regular bench press apart from the fact that an inclined bench is used. This exercise will also target the upper chest and has the same effect of evening out your chest contour. For more exercises that can be used to get rid of man boobs, you will need to consult a man boob exercise program such as the Chest Coach™ system.

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We don’t quite agree that one exercise can completely do the job on its own but we will accept that it is one of the best exercises to get rid of man boobs. The only way an exercise program will work is by performing a range of exercises and undertaking some changes in your diet. This advice can only be found in a complete exercise system such as our #1 rated man boob exercise guide.

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