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What are some good chest exercises to get rid of man boobs

Henry asked:

So I've been hearing from guys that doing chest exercises is a great way to reduce man boobs. What are some good chest exercises to get rid of man boobs?

Our Expert Answers:

Well Henry you are partially right, chest exercises help reduce gynecomastia but you need to do the right combination of exercise to target and firm the chest muscles while burning chest fat, otherwise you can build too much muscle and that will amplify the appearance of your man boobs.

Below I have listed a few good chest exercises that you can do to get yourself going, but I would really recommend checking out the Chest Coach solution approach that targets and gets rid of chest fat much faster, by helping you eliminate the foods that lead to the unsightly problem in the first place.

There are three total solution man boob reduction exercise programs that measure up and give the results you would expect. They are all very easy to read and follow, allowing you to get rid of your gynecomastia altogether. But don't take our word for it, try one of them and then be sure to send us your before and after pictures.

For those of you who go to a gym or have home gym equipment there are some good workouts below. For those of you that don't have access to gym equipment then scroll down a bit further to get at the workouts that don’t require equipment.

Home gym chest exercises

Decline bench dumbbell press

For this exercise you place your weights, one on each side of the bench within arms reach when you are on the bench.
Then lie on the decline bench by placing your feet in the braces at the top of the bench then you lower yourself down on the bench.

Once you are comfortable grab the weights (make sure you start out with a low weight so as not t hurt yourself) and raise them to your sides,
Now raise them up extending your arms so that they are vertical in the air, hold, for 3 seconds then lower them to your sides.
Repeat this exercise for 8 to 12 times then rest for 30 seconds and then do another set, then rest 30 seconds and then another set of 8-12.

Incline bench dumbbell press

This one is similar to the decline press but you are on an incline instead.
Place the weights on each side of the bench and then sit on the bench.
Raise the weights to your sides so they slightly higher than level with your chest, this is the rest position.
Then raise your arms with the weights so they are vertical with the ground when fully extended.
Hold for three seconds then return to the rest position, repeat 8-12 times then rest for 30 seconds.
Do two more sets of 8-12 repetitions each.

If you are not able to take the time out in your day to do physical exercise then there is another option and that is the gynecomnastia pills, a herbal supplement that is designed to help you lose your excess chest fat. To make it easy for you we have reviewed a variety of supplements and listed the top three.


A simple and effective chest exercise that you can do virtually anywhere is the pushup. While the pushup can be difficult for beginners, you can do a few things to make it easy for you until you develop some more chest and upper arm strength.

If you are having trouble with regular pushups scroll down and you can see how you can simplify the exercise.

For a regular pushup find some space on the floor and lie down.
Then with your arms at your side move the palms of your hands so they are on the floor next to your chest.
Then push your feet up onto their toes and at the same time push yourself off the ground with your hands. Once you are fully
extended you can work on your posture and form. Extend your arms to their maximum and then try and make your body as straight as possible.

For an ideal pushup you should keep your body ridged and straight but if you are having trouble with this you can work your way to it over time. You may want to try the simple pushups below.
Now bring your body down so your nose almost touches the ground, hold this for 3 seconds and then push back up.
Repeat 8-12 times and then rest for a minute before doing another set of 8-12.
Do a total of 4 sets of 8-12 but once you get good you can crank up the reps to 30 or so for each set.

Simple Knee Pushups

If you are having trouble keeping your body perfectly straight or if you are still developing your upper body strength you can use your knees as the pivot point instead of your toes. By keeping your knees on the ground when pushing up with your hands you reduce the amount of weight you are lifting and also dramatically decreasing the strength required to keep your body straight during the pushups.

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