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How can I get over my Man Boobs

Jason W. Asked us:

In the last few years I have really been putting on the extra weight but not in the areas I thought I would, I mean yes I have some extra belly fat but now I have a much larger male chest. It's rather embarrassing for me as I have tried to work out and reduce my calorie intake but I still have these man boobs. At this point I am thinking I'm stuck with them so how can I get over my man boobs?

Our Expert Answers:

The good news is you are not stuck with them. They will get smaller over time if you eat the right things and follow a good workout routine. I know you are asking about coping with them and that is ok too. A first impression goes a long way and some people will judge you on your looks. But be persistent, get to know the people and be genuine and overtime people will stop seeing you as a guy with manboobs but just as their friend or coworker.

The more important thing is that you have to get over yourself. If you are self conscious it will show. I know a guy who is close to 400 pounds and he has so much confidence and charisma that he even gets hot girls to be his girlfriends. Really it’s not all about how someone looks but more about how someone acts.

Now you mentioned that you wanted to get rid of man boobs but so far have not been able to. And I say there is good news for you. Many men who have tried and failed did not cut out the bad foods that spurred on their man boob development.

The Chest Coach™ system works in reducing chest fat that many men thought they never could get rid of. Out of all the chest reductions programs out there we picked the top 3 that work. So don't be discouraged try one of these man boobs exercise programs today and be on your way to a new and healthier you.

These easy exercises are fast to do and no sweat to finish. Best of all it's not just doing these simple exercises but reducing the bad hormones, in some cases men don't even need to do the exercises and they will lose their man boobs. The Chest Coach™ System shows you exactly how to lose the chest fat with a balanced approach to exercise and eating the right foods.

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