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How Can I Get Rid of Manboobs?

Bob S. Asked us:

I'm 22 and I have gynecomastia or as guys are calling it man boobs. I remember when I was in school other guys would comment on them and laugh. Gym class was the hardest because I had to shower with the other guys and that’s when they would make the crudest jokes. I am fed up with my fatty chest and I found that the regular exercises I do don’t seem to get rid of them. I no longer want to have man boobs and any help would be appreciated.

Our Expert Answers:

I understand how humiliating Gym class can be, I was there once too but there are ways to get rid of your man boobs and it sounds like you are already a physically active guy and that is a good start, but because of all the hormones that have been added to foods these days, exercise is not enough. You can either eliminate the hormone laden foods from your diet or you can take a supplement that helps to overcome the effects of the hormones.

There are two effective ways to treat man boobs. One uses a diet approach supplemented with exercise and the other uses a pill to accomplish the same goals. Now if you exercise and take the pill you will achieve even faster results. Our reviews have found that Gynexin™ gynecomastia pills, is the best as they use the highest quality herbal ingredients and offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

Another important step to losing your chest fat is getting enough sleep in your day. When your body does not get enough sleep it goes into a stress management mode and tends to conserve it's energy when it can, and storing additional energy in the form of fat. This is because your body thinks it needs to store extra reserves since you are not getting enough sleep, so make sure you get 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night and I would say more like 7-8.

Another trick used by fitness trainers is to eat six smaller meals instead of 3 heavy meals, this works in two ways.

One – your body gets a signal that food is plentiful and it does not need to store as much in fat reserves.
Two – by eating smaller meals more frequently you help to speed up your body's metabolism, which will then burn more fat.

If you are still feeling like you want to do more to lose chest fat then read our reviews of chest fat exercise programs, currently the best program we have found is the Chest Coach™ program that combines chest flattening exercise routines with foods that do not have the hormones which help to cause male chest fat anomalies.

So the Good News is you have a lot of options available to you for getting rid of Man Boobs. You also have us here to help you choose the right products when it comes time for you to make your purchase decision.

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