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How To Get Rid of Man Breasts Fast

Man breasts affect around 30% – 40% of the adult male population and the incidence of men who suffer from them is only increasing. The secret of how to get rid of man breasts fast is learning what causes them and how to treat them.

The reason that man breasts, commonly known as man boobs, are more prevalent these days is due to several factors including poor diets, lack of exercise and an increase of the female hormone estrogen in the environment. Many men have high-pressure jobs and family commitments which take up all their time, leading to consumption of fatty foods and no time for exercise.

However, if you want to get rid of man breasts you will need to make sacrifices in some areas of your life so that you can devote time for exercise and to eat a more healthy diet.

Reduce Man Breasts with Exercise

While you can take control of your diet to cut out fatty foods and start an exercise program this may take some time and may not fit into your hectic lifestyle.

Several exercise programs are available which target the chest areas that contain the fat in your man breasts. Following an exercise program takes dedication and commitment, so if you don’t have the time or can’t stick to a routine then an exercise program may not be for you.

Improve your Diet

Cutting out fatty foods from your diet is only one piece of the puzzle as some foods can contain additives which actually work against your body in its battle to lose man boobs.

It is difficult to know which foods should be avoided which is why most man boob exercise guides also include dietary advice to help you along. A well-balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables and lean meats with a reduction in fats and sugary foods will certainly help.

Reduce Estrogen Intake

The one thing that you may not be aware of being a problem is your body’s exposure to estrogen. Estrogen is present in both men and women, although it is usually present at a far higher level in adult women compared to men. Estrogen promotes the development of women’s sexual characteristics, such as breasts, but can have this effect in men when their hormone levels get out of balance.

Unfortunately for men, there is an abundance of the estrogen hormone and other compounds that mimic it within the environment. This endocrine-disrupting compound (EDC) is increasingly found in the water you drink, the food you eat and in the cosmetics you use.

Reducing your estrogen levels through avoidance of processed foods and switching to locally grown organic produce will help. Also, limiting your use of cosmetics which contain these types of hormones will reduce your exposure.

What’s the fastest way of how to get rid of man breasts?

Fortunately, there is a fast way to get rid of man breasts which won’t take up any of your time and literally requires no effort. 1000′s of men have successfully used gynecomastia pills to get rid of their man boobs. These herbal pills are a 100% natural method that works with your body to target the fat cells in your man breasts.

We’re often asked how to get rid of man breasts fast by men who suffer from this embarrassing condition. We have reviewed many herbal supplements which claim to get rid of man breasts, but the one we rate the most highly, the one that gets the job done is Gynexin™.

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