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In the following video, 18 year old Martin has had man boobs since he was 14 and is embarrassed to take off his shirt in public. At a free local beach clinic the doctor mentions that he has his moobs because of a surge in Testosterone and some of the testosterone was converted to estrogen. It is true that some teenage boys develop gynecomastia for a few years; however it would have been interesting to see the doctor ask about his diet. Whether Martin was eating or drinking lots of soy products or food products that contain parabens could have a significant impact on his male breasts.

The doctor also stated that typically or within 90% of the time gynecomastia in boys going through puberty lasts up to 3 years, but Martin said he had this since he was 14 so already 4 years have gone by, which leads me to think there may be some dietary issues at play.

When the video loads just advance to 1 minute and 25 seconds to see Martin speak with the doctor.

How do soy products and parabens affect male breast development?

Soy contains certain isoflavones that have estrogen like properties. So much so that they are commonly named phytoestrogens. They tend to build up over time when someone consumes large amounts of soy and certain males are more predisposed to feel the effects of the phytoestrogens than others, causing soy milk breasts.

Parabens found in everything from suntan lotion and medication to processed foods and have an estrogen-mimicking effect that can trick the male body into thinking there is more estrogen and can increase the production of breast tissue causing moobs.

While Martin's gynecomastia may go away with time, it is hard on him for the duration. He could look at his diet, Soy and parabens are not the only foods and substances that cause man boobs. The Chest Coach™ System contains a section on eating the right foods and eliminating the bad ones to help reduce your appearance of man boobs. While in his case the doctor confirmed that it is his breast tissue that is reacting to the estrogen and not just an abundance of fat, some men have fatty man boobs which respond better to exercises and the chest guides we listed have show you how to exercise to get rid of man boobs. For those teenagers who want immediate relief a compression shirt may be the answer.

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