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What is my Healthy weight? and how do i get rid of man boobs?

kylaf66 asked:

I am a 21 year old male, 6 feet, weigh 170-172 pounds , medium build. Still have man boobs and love handles. I used to weigh 217 a year and a half ago. I am looking at myself and i figure i could lose MAYBE 10 more pounds and i am pretty sure that wouldn’t get rid of the handles or boobs. Is it because i have lost a lot of weight fairly quickly that those will go down in time?

Our Expert Answers:

Hi kylaf66

According to your Body Mass Index (BMI) of 23.3 you’re already in the ideal weight range, so we can’t recommend any more weight loss exercises. So what’s the answer?

Going to the gym to exercise has helped you lose a lot of weight, but it’s annoying that you’ve not lost your man boobs. This is a situation that a lot of men find themselves in and is frustrating as you’ve obviously done all you can to improve your health and appearance. When exercise and diet changes don’t work to lose man boobs then we recommend gynecomastia pills as a sure fire way of getting rid of man boobs permanently.

So what’s the best gynecomastia pill?

Gynecomastia pills, like Gynexin™, are a completely 100% natural method to lose man boobs for good and the potent herbal ingredients target the hard to lose chest fat in your man boobs. Men have used these pills to get rid of man boobs permanently, as they are inexpensive, have no side effects and start to burn chest fat straight away.

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